PNF Stretching Help Reduce Lower Back Pain


PNF Stretching Help Reduce Lower Back Pain

How Does PNF Stretching Work?

PNF technique ( Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) is an advanced stretching technique that often requires the assistance of a partner, doctor or a trainer.  PNF improves flexibility via a process called autogenic inhibition (Reflex Inhibition).  Muscle tension is monitored by the Golgi tendon organs.  It is a protective mechanism, preventing muscles from over exerting themselves avoiding injury to the tendons and bones.  Prolonged muscle contraction in the PNF stretching causes inhibition to the excitability of the nerves of the targeted muscle.  This causes the muscle to relax to produce a greater stretch.  Performing proper stretching over time will alter the sarcomeres (basic muscle structure) to increase in length therefore increase mobility and range of motion. 

PNF Stretching can: 

- Reduce risk of injury
- Help achieve functional goals
- Improve athletic performance
- Rehabilitate injuries
- Reduce the time and pain associated with stretching
- Increase patient compliance

PNF for Low Back pain and Sciatica

Doctors and therapists incorporate stretching as a part of the treatment regimen forlow back and sciatica pain.  Specifically when stretching the hamstring and piriformis muscles.  Traditional method of stretching of the hip and hamstring are difficult and painful for a patient with low back pain and/or sciatica.  Furthermore, for the stretching to be effective, it has to be done throughout the week. Patients can accomplish an effective, fast and pain free stretching by using the PNF technique.  A friend or family member is required to help the patient do PNF stretching at home.  They must be trained properly by the doctor or therapist so they can assist the patient properly.

Challenges of PNF Stretching and the ooZeeki Solution:

To achieve the maximum benefits of PNF stretching it needs to be done at best 5-7 minutes daily or at the minimum 3-4 times a week.  Having access to a partner or professional to help you do PNF technique could be challenging.  In fact most individuals do not achieve the targeted goals due to not having access to a person helping them.  IsoStrength Lite is a product by ooZeeki that is designed specifically to assist individuals perform PNF stretching without the need of anyone’s help.  It is a one size fits all product. It ergonomically cradles your foot/ankle to isolate the targeted muscles for an effective PNF stretching.  IsoStrength Lite embodies a bungee in its structure that facilitates the contracting of the muscle.  The entire product is padded to reduce the stress on your hands as you perform PNF stretching.  It is simple to use and light to carry with you, even just in your pocket.

Managing Acute Low Back Pain with ooZeeki and BaxMAX

Be a hero to your patients by giving them instant lasting pain relieve by combining the use of BaxMAX support belt and the IsoStrenght Lite PNF stretching tool.  Fit your patients with the correct size of a BaxMax belt.  Instruct them to loosen it every 45 minutes for about 15 minutes.  Send them home with a IsoStrength Lite PNF stretch tool and train them how to use it daily.  This combination will greatly improve their recovery time and gets the patient involved in their own care.  It also educates them in how to maintain the health of their back once they leave your office.  Patients are only in your care a few times a week for 30 to 45 minutes.  What happens to them the other 23 plus hours during the day could have a meaningful impact on their recovery.  BaxMAX and IsoStrength products are great companions to your patients as their partners on the road to recovery.


Article written by Dr. Ehsan Khademi, DC - Chiropractor in Baltimore, MD


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