Join our growing list of BaxMAX Resellers

Are you a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Physician, or Independent Pharmacy interested in increasing your practice revenue while providing a tremendous benefit to your patients?  Clinicians have learned that bulky, uncomfortable and hard-to-use orthopedic back braces are rarely used properly by patients because they are hard to get tight and very uncomfortable to wear.  Not only that, they are expensive and rarely does Medicare or Insurance companies reimburse enough to make it worthwhile to stock them. 


The BaxMAX Support is currently offered by our network of more than 1,500 Clinics across the US and growing daily.  Why?  Because the BaxMAX Support makes sense for patients and clinics and it’s affordable.   It’s the easiest-to-use and most comfortable back support on the market which is why both patients and doctors love it!

Listen to what some of our customers say about using the BaxMAX in their clinics.

Our Reseller program enables your licensed practice to offer the BaxMAX directly to your patients either though our wholesale purchase or drop-ship programs.  We offer a variety of marketing support along with attractive Point of Sale Displays for practices who wish to stock inventory.  The BaxMAX is billable to most insurances and has a approved CPT codes (L0626, or L0641)  

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