How to Use

The BaxMAX is effecitve for a variety of uses. Whether you are using it for working around the house, exercise or fitness, or all day on your job, the BaxMAX is lightweight and comfortable to wear and provides you the exact amount of support you need to keep your lower back feeling great.

Although the BaxMAX is made to be worn low over your hips, it is okay to experiment with different locations on the spine to determine the most comfort and best support. Many people wear the BaxMAX low over the hips to prevent compression over the sciatic area while others will wear it higher over the thoracic area to stabilize the middle back and ribs. Wherever its worn, the BaxMAX is thin enough to be worn comfortably under clothes, however it is not recommended to wear it directly on sensitive skin.

How to fit the BaxMAX

To put the BaxMAX on, simply seperate the two halves so that the power pulley is all the way open.
Next, make sure that the tags on the inside are on top so that the print (SIZE + LEFT/RIGHT) are properly oriented.
Place the BaxMAX around your waist and make sure that you have an even amount of material in the front.
This aligns the two yellow plates on both sides of the spine.
Once you have it even on both sides, secure the Velcro just over the belly button so that the BaxMAX is fastened together but NOT TIGHT.
It is important to start with it loose and use the power pulley to make it tight.
Finally, pull the handle (with thumb in ring) away from the velcro and around the front of the BaxMAX until you reach the desired amount of support.
Simply attach the hook side of the velcro on the handle to the loop velcro strip on the front of the BaxMAX to secure it. 
If you have any questions on how to use the BaxMAX, please feel free to contact us for more information, ping us on Facebook, or call us toll free - 1-888-422-9629