BaxMax Rack Card - 25 pcs

Sales aid for wholesale customers.

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Sales aid for wholesale customers.

The BaxMAX has five basic sizes which will accommodate most people.

Sizes are:

        • XXLarge - 45" - 50"
        • XLarge - 40" - 45"
        • Large - 35" - 40"
        • Medium - 30" - 35"
        • Small - 25" - 30"


* There is also a 5" extension that makes the XXLarge into a XXXLarge (50" - 55")


To make sure you get the correct size, we recommend the following:


For a man, the BaxMAX waist size is the same as a pants (waist) size. For example, if you wear a 36 blue jean, you would be a Large BaxMAX (35" - 40"). If you are not 100% sure its best to take a measurement around the waistline (just over the belt). If you have a belly and you wear your pants underneath your belly, measure around the largest part of your belly to determine the size.




For a Woman, it's a little trickier. Since a woman pant size is different than a man's, it's best to take a measurement around the largest part on the hips. This will insure that the BaxMAX will fit over the SI joint in the event that there is a sciatic issue. Also, it's good to fit the BaxMAX in the shape of a "V" in the front. This keeps the belt snug across the waist and hips to keep if from riding up when bending over.

In general, its always better to get your BaxMAX a size too big rather than a size too small, because you can overlap the velcro in the front if it's too big. If it won't hook at all in the front, it won't work for you. So, if you are on the border between 2 sizes, get the bigger size.

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