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How it Works

The BaxMAX is NOT a normal back brace.lbp

Back braces have been around for 60+ years and most people have put one on at one time or another. A typical back brace uses elastic to get tight around the waist and hips to create enought lumbar compression to stabilize the core and provide short term relief for lower back pain. Back braces are also often used for healing or an acute lumbar issue such as a bulged disc, herniated disc or sciatica. Although back braces do not cure a condition, they are very useful in the treatment or "healing period".

Unfortunately, typical back braces are uncomfortable to wear and don't create the amount of lumbar compression needed to optimize healing and offer the amount of support needed to provide effective pain relief.

bax max

The BaxMAX is made of nylon (stitched with Kevlar) so it doesn't stretch like an elastic back brace. This, combined with its patented pulley system, enables it to get 5X tighter than the elastic braces and almost instantly relieves low back pain for people with a bulged or herniated disc, sciatica, and many other acude lumbar issues.

The BaxMAX is used in clinics worldwide to supplement decompression therapy programs and is by far the quickest and easiest way to offer instant relief for most back pain sufferers.

51nUWIrEg9L"Simply put, the BaxMAX is the lightest, most comfortable and most powerful back support on the commercial market!"

Dr. Kent Semlow

Macomb, MI

garber""The BaxMax lumbar spine support comes with my full endorsement. With 38 years of practice experience, I have tried numerous different back supports. The BaxMax far surpasses all that I have ever tried. They are lightweight, durable, easy to put on or take off, easy to tighten or loosen and easy to sell. We have very high patient satisfaction with the product. I find it extremely helpful as a part of our protocol for acute lumbar spine disorders as well as stabilization for chronic lumbar spine disorders too.Customer service is excellent and shipping is fast.""

Dr. Steven J Garber

Cartersville, GA

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