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Affiliate Program

The BaxMAX Affiliate Program

Do you have a website, blog, group or association?  Are you a Store Owner, Doctor, Chiropractor, Physical Therapy, Fitness or Wellness Center?

Become a BaxMAX Affiliate and earn extra money for every referral you make to the World's Best Back Support!. 

Why become a BaXMAX Affliate?

A BaxMAX Affiliate gets paid for every referral and can earn commission for every sale that is made in the shopping cart.  Affiliates also can promote discount coupons, free shipping and even earn fees for referring other affiliates. 

BaxMAX offers one of the highest rates of commission for health related products and has among the highest conversion rate for any product in the category. 

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We are adding more affiliate programs as this is being written.  If you are a member of another program, please let us know and we will apply to be set up as a merchant.